When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


You would hear some people say that hiring personal injury lawyers is just a waste of money. However, the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney are worth the money you will be paying that professional to represent you. There are many complex legal rules involved in such cases and there is a severity of injuries that might cause one’s compensation to vary greatly.


Here are the types of accidents and injuries that are much better handled with a lawyer’s help:


Severe Injuries

The amount of one’s accident compensation is determined by how severe the injuries attained are. The severity of injuries is measured by the amount of medical bills, the type of injuries, and the recovery period needed.  As the potential amount of compensation increases, the range in which the compensation may fall becomes wider. In such cases, it would be better to have a lawyer handle your claim.


Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries

There are certain accidents that result in injuries that significantly affect one’s physical appearance or capabilities for a long time – it may be for a year, or even permanently. Figuring out how serious an injury is can be a difficult thing. It is best to have an experienced personal injury attorney to get the most out of your claim.


Toxic Exposure

The world we live in is full of chemicals and people sometimes become ill because of exposure to these contaminants found in the air, water, soil, in products, and even in food. Claims based on these exposures can be a bit difficult to prove because they require complex scientific data. Also, the chemical and other industries have built a huge wall that protects them from legal exposure while they expose us continuously to potentially harmful chemicals – the required evidence is definitely hard to come by.


Refusal of Insurance Company to Pay

There are certain instances wherein an insurance company refuses to pay. Some people, no matter what the nature of their injury are, and no matter the amount of their medical bills are, they still opt to hire a lawyer because an agency (insurance or government) refuses to make a fair settlement offer.


There you have it; several instances on when you should hire a personal injury lawyer. If you are looking for trusted ones, call our office today at 1.855.905.9222 for a free consultation. We are sure to assist you with all your legal needs and concerns.