Slip, Trip & Falls


Overview of Service

We understand how traumatic fall can be, not only to you but your loved ones as well.  If you are injured because of a slip or trip and fall incident, you may be entitled to compensation not just for your injury, but for current and future wage loss, cost of care, rehabilitation and out of pocket expenses related to the accident. 

Our Firm will handle every part of your claim from the date of consultation to obtaining fair compensation either by proceeding to trial or reaching a favourable settlement.

If you fall and injure yourself on a property due to dangerous conditions, the property owner or occupier may be responsible for your injuries.  It is important to speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers as soon as possible after such an incident.

Your recovery from a slip or trip and fall incident is our first priority.  We understand the challenges you face after a traumatic fall.  At GBLV LLP, our goal is to assist and guide you through the whole claim process with our expert legal team.

What to do?

  • If you are hurt or injured call 911.

  • Get as much information from everyone at the accident scene including any witnesses.

  • Write down any relevant information like time it occurred, type of floor/surface, names of other people involved or any witnesses and the exact location.

  • Use your phone or a mobile device with a camera to take pictures of the scene and pictures of your injuries if you are injured.

  • Only speak to a police officer, fireman or any other authorities that come to the scene. Avoid talking with people you don’t know and do not take any advice from them.

  • Look around and check if there are any security cameras that may have recorded the incident. The captured video could be valuable evidence to build your case and sometimes security companies will erase any videos captured on weekly basis.

  • Visit your family doctor as a precaution. Often you might not feel like you were hurt as badly at the exact time of the incident, however, in some cases your injuries may worsen a day or two after the incident took place.

  • Call GBLV LLP immediately at 905-232-9222, set your free consultation appointment; clarify all your concerns and doubts. You have up to two years to start a claim but if you wait until the end you might not collect all the evidence you need to build your case and get the compensation you deserve.

  • Claims against a municipality will require notice within 10 business days of the incident date, so call GBLV LLP immediately to protect your legal right.

  • We will explain all of your rights to you clearly so you understand them in our initial consultation with you. This will be followed by a meeting with one our associate lawyers at which point you will be asked to sign a retainer if you wish to continue with the proceedings on your behalf.

Our approach is different. You are more than a case to us, we care. With empathy and compassion, we are dedicated to using our strengths to finding the best legal outcome for each individual client.