Animal & Dog Bites


Overview of Service

An owner is completely responsible, and therefore legally liable for the acts of their pets or owned animals (dogs, cats or any other animal). Unfortunately, some pet owners either encourage aggressive pet behavior, or are ignorant of the dangers they may pose to you. Often times, children fall victim to these attacks as they cannot fully appreciate the potential dangers in approaching some pets or are simply too small to defend themselves against such attacks.

At GBLV LLP, if you or someone you love was injured by an animal, it is our first priority. We understand the short and long-term challenges you face as you recover from this traumatic experience. Our goal is to assist you and guide you through the whole process, providing you with the support of a caring and experienced legal team.

What to do?

  • Call 911 immediately.

  • Visit your family doctor and/or specialist.

  • Get the name and contact information of the owner. If you can, try to get the dog’s plate information from the owner as well.

  • Get as much information as possible from everyone at the scene including any witnesses.

  • Write down any relevant information like time it occurred, type and colouring of pet/dog, names of other people involved or any witnesses and the exact location.

  • Report your injury to the police and only speak to them, fireman or any other authorities that come to the scene. Avoid talking with people you don’t know and do not take any advice from them.

  • Request a copy or report of the incident.

  • Use your phone or a mobile device with a camera to take pictures of the scene and pictures of your injuries from the attack or bite if you were bitten.

  • Do not accept any settlement or admit fault with the dog owner’s insurance company.

  • Call GBLV LLP immediately at 905-232-9222, set your free consultation appointment; clarify all your concerns and doubts. You have up to two years to start a claim but if you wait until the end you might not collect all the evidence you need to build your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Our approach is different. You are more than a case to us, we care. With empathy and compassion, we are dedicated to using our strengths to finding the best legal outcome for each individual client.