Playground Injuries and Their Long-Term Effects


No parent wants to see their child get injured on a playground. Children are brought to playgrounds for them to have fun and celebrate their childhood, not to be in pain or even worse, injured severely. Though some children tend to stand back up again when they trip or fall, some children can have injuries that lead to long-term effects.


According to a study, over 200,000 children are taken to the hospital each year to have their playground injuries assessed. After the initial impact of a trip, fall or accident, adults assume that some children have recovered well when they no longer complain about any pain or other symptoms. However, we should not stop there. Some problems caused by playground injuries remain undetected, but they might compromise our child’s health over time. Some issues would even appear unrelated such as compromised immune strength, digestive issues, and growing pains, among others.


What some parents do not know is that the impact of a fall may result in the following:


Undetected subluxations (partial dislocation)

Some children may have subluxations without obvious symptoms. A study of apparently healthy children found that 40% of them had pelvic subluxations and 15.8% of them had cervical subluxations.


Problems later in childhood

In children, it is more common than you’d think for them to experience headache and back pain for no apparent reason. In fact, up to 50% of children and adolescents will experience back pain in any given year. Around a third would experience recurrent episodes of such pains. Chiropractors can trace back the triggering event to small physical impacts.


Problems later in adulthood

Much later as adults, we might experience a health crisis that would seem to happen ‘out of the blue’. An adult might bend over to tie a shoelace and be unable to stand back up, or a person might wake up one morning ‘suddenly’ unable to move his or her neck. Years and years of minor physical injuries have accumulated to a breaking point that would be costly to heal in terms of time, energy and money.


Never wait for one more day before you have your child checked medically.

Our young ones’ health is the most precious thing to us. You have to keep in mind that the best time to invest in helping the body heal is IMMEDIATELY. You can choose to take your child for a massage or to see a physiotherapist. If you are still thinking whether or not you should see an osteopath or a chiropractor, do not think about it anymore – take your child as soon as you can.


The Journal of Neuroscience tells us that ‘the first year of life might be a period of developmental vulnerability. It is also the period in which therapeutic interventions can have the highest positive effect’.


If your child has been injured while on a playground, it is best to know your rights and due compensation your child might need and  claim. Contact our law firm today.