Gym-goers: What Are Your Options When You Get Injured?


People go to the gym to stay in shape and to become more fit. A healthy diet and regular physical exercise have a number of well-documented health benefits. Injuries in gym are not uncommon. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 62,700 injuries related to exercise equipment were treated in emergency rooms in 2014. More than 24,000 involved treadmills.


So what happens if while working out, you sustain a serious injury at the gym that requires medical treatment and physical therapy? The risk of injury is said to be higher if the gym is not well-maintained. In this case, is the gym held liable for your injury? Some instances would hold the gym and their insurance provider financially liable for the victim’s medical costs. It actually depends on the facts of the accident that caused the injury.


What obligations do gyms have to prevent injuries within their premises?

Gyms, like other retail businesses, have a legal duty to keep their premises well-maintained. It is the responsibility of gym owners to inspect the premises on a regular basis for any broken equipment and other accident risks. It is also their responsibility to warn of any known or foreseeable hazards.


Gyms also have a duty to product their gym members and other users from any negligent injury from others and foreseeable risks. Gyms should have general liability insurance coverage that would provide compensation for injuries sustained at their premises.


Compensation for Gym Injuries

The most common causes of injuries in health clubs, gyms, and other leisure centres are:


  • Poorly maintained or faulty machinery and equipment

  • Poor or erroneous advice from a personal trainer or gym instructor

  • Wet or uneven flooring leading to a slip and fall

  • Injury caused by falling objects

  • Inadequate or no induction session


Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors

Individual instructors, just like gym owners, owe you a duty of care to ensure that the advices they provide you are appropriate and tailored to you. Their advices should also take into account your level of fitness and skills. If you are given an advice which led to an injury and it was the advice which was to blame, you have the right to claim compensation. Other things you can claim for are:


  • Loss of earnings

  • Compensation for loss of employment

  • Medical expenses

  • Pain and suffering resulting from the injury

  • Damage to your property


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