Evidence: Why Should They Be Preserved?


The first few days following an accident are often the most important days for finding and preserving evidence of what really happened as well as documenting your injuries. This is needed to make sure that your personal injury claim is as strong as possible.


In a personal injury case, evidence is critical. However, some people do not realize what classifies as evidence. Evidence is not always a concrete piece of information such as a photo or a gun at the scene. It can actually be any type of information that proves to be relevant to the case – even from another source.


Testimony of witnesses

Witnesses can be immensely valuable in winning a case. Witnesses can describe things about an accident that may back your story up. They can also provide you with information you were not aware of during the incident. It is important to get the contact details of all the witnesses. Their testimonial can change the outcome of the lawsuit. Keep in mind that time is of the essence when getting information from witnesses.


Information from medical records

Some people might claim to have a lot of injuries from a car accident, but their medical records do not support their claims – that would be a difficult case to prove. Therefore, it is important that when someone goes to the doctor, they fully and accurately report their injuries. This helps to create good documentation – or evidence – of an injury.



Nowadays, this is an important element in this type of lawsuit. Pictures can paint a clearer scene for the judge and the jury. Should your lawsuit go to trial, the photographs will be of vital importance. This is why attorneys emphasize on taking pictures. Take photos of the accident scene, damaged vehicle, damaged property, and injuries. This way, you will be able to show that you have been injured in the accident. Photographs are the only way to preserve evidence if there is no way to preserve the actual objects.



It is important that you jot down everything you are going through. Memories can be unreliable, especially when under pressure. You might be surprised to find how deceptive our memories can be. However, if you write everything down, you will be able to talk about what you have gone through without any problems in the future.


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