What Victims of Hit and Run Should Know


Accidents can happen – anytime, anywhere. It can happen when you’re driving or even when you’re not. This is why it’s important to always be alert when doing anything – especially when crossing the road. If you ever find yourself a victim of a hit-and-run, or if you know someone who is a victim, here are some things that are essential for you to know:


What Qualifies as a Hit and Run

A hit and run is when a driver who is involved in a collision leaves the scene of the accident before authorities arrive. It can happen in various scenes: from hitting another vehicle when trying to park to when drivers hit cyclists or pedestrians and do not stop. Any driver who collides with another vehicle, pedestrian or motorcyclist is required to stay at the accident scene. Anyone who fails to follow this rule is therefore breaking the law, committing a hit and run. The official term for this is failure to remain and this is punishable by law, especially when the victim sustains serious injuries.


What is the Penalty

In Ontario, there are two different types of charges for this case:

  1. Criminal Code of Canada

  2. Highway Traffic Act


If a driver gets charged through the Criminal Code, this is considered a criminal offence. This happens when the driver fails to stop at the accident scene and is mostly applied when the accident involves a cyclist or a pedestrian. This type of hit and run offence can also leave victims with impairing injuries, sometimes even death.


On the other hand, when a driver is charged through the Highway Traffic Act, it means that the driver failed to remain at the scene of the accident and this is processed as a traffic ticket. So, when someone hits your car while in the parking lot, or if they hit you while you are driving but they just keep going, those two instances fall under the Highway Traffic Act.


The penalty for a hit and run accident under the Criminal Code is grave. When the victim is proved to be uninjured and the driver is charged because he failed to stop, they can face up to five years in jail. If the victim suffered from injuries and the driver failed to remain at the scene of the accident, this could lead to ten years in jail, or even a criminal negligence charge.


Settlements for a Hit and Run

It is quite tricky to catch the perpetrator of hit and run accidents, especially if everything happened too quickly, and no useful information was gathered. However, when you do get information about the driver in question, then you can take them to court for the compensation you truly deserve.


If you get hurt in a hit and run, you can be entitled to a major settlement in a civil suit. For this case, you definitely need experienced personal injury lawyers who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Feel free to contact us today at 1.855.905.9222 for a free consultation.