What to Expect in a Personal Injury Claim


If you get hurt, remember that you should not take that lightly. Every year, millions of people, either at home or at work, get into accidents. Despite this high number, however, not everyone knows what to do after getting hurt. There is a lot to deal with – from insurance companies to lawyers – especially if the injury or accident came due to the fault of another person. Fortunately, filing a personal injury claim is not something you have to do alone.


Here are some helpful tips on what you should expect when dealing with a personal injury claim:


Getting a Lawyer

After an accident and before you file a claim, you should hire a legal professional. Your attorney will be the person to contact the party responsible for your injury. They will be the one to list the damage to you and how the accident happened. The lawyer will be your guide throughout the entire process and he or she will tell you whether or not your claim is worth more than what you are being offered. Expert lawyers will also advise you on whether or not you should push for a trial – especially if the defending party refuses to claim responsibility for your injuries.


An Investigation

Any person can make a claim, given that the claim is supported with facts. Your lawyer will step in and be the source of communication between you and insurance companies. Depending on how severe the accident was, your attorney will spend time gathering more details or interviewing witnesses. All of that will verify and strengthen your claim.


Medical Treatment

When necessary, you will be directed to a medical office which specializes in injury recovery. Your level of injury – this can be from minor to extreme – will influence how much the insurance company will pay you. Should you prefer to use your own health network, you can request for specialist recommendations from your doctor. The medical reports and treatments will then be added to the file to further strengthen your case.


Settlement Options

Once you have received the proper medical evaluation and your attorney has determined your total damages, you will then receive an offer from the insurance company. The settlement value is then calculated using your medical expenses, which party is really at fault, and the cost of replacing what you lost.


Collecting Your Money

This depends on the success of your case. You will win a monetary amount and the defendant also pays the court’s amount. However, there are some complications at times. Your attorney will let you know about the methods for collection.


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