Documenting Losses for Car Accident Claims


Just like with any accident claim, documentation is critical to car accident claims. Without proper documentation, your claim will not successfully make it through court or even an out-of-court settlement negotiation.


If you have been involved in a car accident and you want to make a claim to regain your losses, a bulletproof documentation is what you need. Here are some things you need to secure:


Medical Records

A personal injury claim requires medical documentation. If your car accident claim will come with a personal injury claim, then it is important to secure the following documents:

  • Ambulance documentation

  • Emergency room admission and treatment

  • Hospital confinement

  • Treatment records from physicians and specialists

  • Physical therapy records, registered massages, chiropractic care, etc.


Police Report

It is important to obtain your accident or incident report from the authorities that were present at the scene of the accident. This report will state if any laws were broken, which driver is at-fault, the circumstances surrounding the scene of the accident, the people involved in the accident as well as the witnesses present. All of that information is substantial thus, the police report is equally significant.


Financial Losses

In Ontario, you are required to show provable financial losses when claiming financial compensation. This includes the following: 

  • loss of income

  • loss of opportunity

  • physical damage to your vehicle

  • current and future insurance costs


The total value of your claim can be added to the provable losses that you have documented. In terms of the physical damage to your vehicle, the documentation should prove the value of your car as well as the damages incurred. Your insurance company will generally assess the damages to your car, but it may also be possible to prove the cost of damages based on multiple repair shop estimates as well as the Kelly Blue Book value of your car.


Bottom Line

Gathering documentation if you have been involved in a car accident and filing for a claim revolves around documenting your provable losses as well as establishing the driver at-fault. The proper and legal documents aforementioned will prove our losses as well as the fact that the accident was not your fault.


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