Denied Disability Insurance Claim - Now What?


Disability insurance is a form of insurance that covers a beneficiary’s earned income should a disability create a barrier for a worker to complete his or her work. However, some people experience having their disability insurance claim denied. When this happens, it sure is devastating. You have you to follow the appeals closely so you can still receive your benefits. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when your disability claims get denied:


Do an appeal – IMMEDIATELY.

You only have 60 days to file an appeal when your benefit claim gets denied. Most of these denied claims aren’t filed because the claimants tend to give up in the middle of the process. Some even miss their deadlines or file for a brand new claim. When you do either of the two, you lose your right to an appeal and you have no other choice but to start all over again – at the very beginning.

Do know why you were denied.

When you receive your denial letter, read it thoroughly and take time to know the most common reasons people get denied. Some of those reasons could be:

*Too much income earned by the person

*Short-term disability

*Refusal to cooperate

*Unreachable/Unavailable for contact

*Disability is caused by alcoholism or drug addiction

*Failure to follow doctor’s orders

*Fraudulent disability

*Person is convicted of a crime

It’s important that you understand why you were denied in order for your case to be successful.

Do ask for your file.

You should get a copy of your exhibit file, which contains all the information the judge has about you. If there are any medical information that isn’t included in your file (hospital records, doctor’s records, therapist’s notes, x-ray reports, etc.), make sure the judge has a copy of them before the hearing.

Do complete your medical report.

Some cases get denied because it is believed that the person is not really disabled. If this is the case, review the medical evidence in your file. Every doctor’s reports should be submitted. If your doctor did send a report, ask if they can send an additional document with more information that supports your disability. The report should indicate why you cannot work as your doctor’s testimony is essential in terms of proving your disability.

Do hire a professional.

If your claim is denied, you should hire an experienced professional with a good track record. If you do this as soon as you learn your claim has been denied, your case will be developed properly prior to your hearing date. Experienced lawyers know what judges will be looking for and which questions to ask your doctor. For your legal needs, contact us immediately.

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